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The Home Learning System is an innovative online solution offering comprehensive mathematical support and resources to help bring the family together and your child to succeed..
Access to the System will allow you to log in whenever, and wherever you need to, with 24/7 access to our resources.

Ideal for primary and secondary ages. Take control of your child’s learning, watch your child excel and get ahead of the class before the exams.
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For users more than 5 please contact us on +27 011 8040850 or email us on

We have designed a Home Learning System that packs a powerful mathematical punch!

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Which ever package you choose you’ll find a wide variety of 10ticks worksheets to guide your child from age 5, right the way up to Grade 9
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Set work for your child to complete. Use our unique system with unprecedented flexibility, allowing you to edit and review our courses.
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As well as access to our world renowned worksheets, you’ll also find stimulating animated guides and tests to use with your child and keep him or her interested.
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Your child will gain a unique profile that can be accessed any time to work on key topics. Via this system, children can work through guides, worksheets and tests, the scores of which will be recorded for analysis.