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Uranus is maturing as an investment company


Since the company was established in 2005, the business landscape has changed profoundly. In particular, the financial crisis of 2008 seriously threatened the sustainability of businesses across all economic sectors, irrespective of size and longevity. Many businesses were unable to weather the storm and were bankrupted. Some highly leveraged BEE companies were unable to service debt and went bust. Others, including Uranus, were able to able to survive that period and are now on a sound financial footing.

The new BEE codes which became effective in 2015 are more stringent than previously. Given our experience in the BEE space over the past 12 years, we are well positioned to advise and guide potential partners to ensure that they optimize their BEE scorecards and mitigate the risks of becoming non-compliant.
As expected, Uranus is maturing as an investment company. In addition to our investments in majority white owned companies, we have investments in majority black owned companies, a portfolio of listed investments as well as investments in property.

of our

Provides assistance in developing business plans and strategies.

Leverages experience, expertise, and networks for new business opportunities.

Facilitates expanding into new markets in Africa.

Facilitates compliance with BEE legislation.

What our clients say

Having an investor of the calibre of Uranus, personified in Jeff van Rooyen and his associates, has meant that our BEE journey has been far, far more than a compliance exercise. Indeed, it has been personally enriching, professionally rewarding, and has made a considerable contribution creating wealth. The  insight, experience and guidance that we have derived from the relationship have been significant, and above all it has

Dr. Derek Shirley

ICAP South Africa, as part of a large and wide reaching global business, counts itself extremely fortunate to have teamed up with Uranus. Jeff Van Rooyen, as the man behind the business, has forged a level of professionalism in the Uranus group that ICAP identify with. Jeff’s and Uranus’s achievements and integrity speak for themselves.

Bob Jones

The partnership with Uranus has added enormous momentum to our operation, resulting in our ability to sustain our support to our special needs children for which we are so deeply grateful. 

Queen Butterfly Foundation