About Uranus

Uranus is a BEE Investment holding company, founded in July 2005. The company was established to participate in South African BEE investment opportunities. Uranus focuses on investments in the financial services

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Uranus Group Profile

Uranus Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd is the group holding company . The following are the major subsidiary companies: Uranus Financial Services (Pty) Ltd. Leshume Solutions (Pty) Ltd.

BEE Investors Group

Neledzi Women Investment(Pty) Limited, a women’s group with expertise in various fields including legal, financial, health and business comprising some 39 beneficiaries. Andryan Investments(Pty) Limited, trading as Univest FSS, a group of business.


Social Responsibility

“… We are committed to the upliftment of the communities that we come from, and to the upliftment of all previously disadvantaged South Africans…”


We Are Uranus Investment holdings

The Uranus Group was established in July 2005 to take advantage of the bee opportunities created by the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment act of 2003 and the BEE code of good practice, which was gazetted in February 2007. The group is diverse and it is involved across all economic sectors. We have vast experience, high –level skills and strong networks and relationships in South Africa and throughout the African continent. We leverage these strengths to help grow our various business interests, by creating new markets for the products and services of our business partners. We have made significant strides since we launched the group. Some of our performance highlights are reflected by the following achievements. LEARN MORE

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